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Here is the Back Story God assignment for me to write the Book
My clear calling:
Hi, I’m Patty Sadallah, Author of Clips that Move Mountains.  I wanted to share the back story of this cool and exciting book and let you know a bit of what God is up to with it.
I had been writing a video blog for more than a year using short clips from mainstream Hollywood movies through Wingclips.com. The site has hundreds of short clips organized by movie title, theme and Bible verse.  The 2-5 minute long clips were fun, inspiring and thought provoking and made for easy writing.
On January 24, 2012, at 7:40pm, I got a call from a friend who had just read one of my blog articles.  She mentioned that she liked my writing style and encouraged me to write a book.   I had set out to write many books in my life, but always for the wrong reasons.  I was a busy person so, I thanked her and I remember saying “If God wants me to write a book, He will make it abundantly clear.”
Four hours later, God made it abundantly clear!
It was 11:20PM; I was laying in bed and all of the sudden, I just got a flood of images, words, pictures and movies, rushing in my mind.  I was lying awake just trying to process all of this for few minutes and then I realized I needed to get up and journal it out. I wrote for about 2hours.
The first thing that God gave me was the name of the book, Clips that Move Mountains. Then he gave me the map image of N,W, S, and E and the words Territory of Christian Impact.
I knew it was supposed to be a book with videos being played inside of it. Seeing video and copy together is common on websites and even for my blog, but, I had never seen that kind of book.  I had no idea where to begin.
What is Clips that Move Mountains?
It was on Valentine's Day when God revealed to me that this book was really a love story. It was about the transformational nature of the love of Christ.  (You have to read the book for the miracle of that story!)
Every single believer has a calling and ministry right where they are. This is their territory of impact. The model that God gave me to write about shows you how to expand your territory North, West, South, East, and most importantly, Center.
Expanding your territory while you are hereon earth will result in a life of abundance, kingdom impact and multiplied blessings for eternity. God can’t accomplish your purpose without your cooperation, and lots of Christians rob themselves of this abundant life and impact by not hearing or answering God’s specific call for their lives.
It took nearly two years, but the book is finally here!
God revealed one day a time which clip he wanted and what he wanted to say through me.  I have learned so much from this journey and will continue to learn as he reveals more about his big plans for the book. 
By creatively integrating moving pictures and the written word, God would touch the hearts of many and move them closer to him and closer to their God ordained destinies.   
I hope you will agree when you read this book that the combination of film clips and the writing is powerful to instruct, heal, uplift and inspire.
Check out the Enhanced E-book Edition on the Try before you Buy page, and the QR Code paperback on the Buy Books page.  And, if you like the clips you find in the book you will LOVE the films that they came from.  You can get those on our special Amazon store on the Buy films page. 

I hope you will join us on the Journey to the Abundant Christian Life with the Clips that Move Mountains books!  

Thanks and God Bless you!

Patty Sadallah
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