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There are 3 ways to experience Clips that Move Mountains

QR Code Paperback Edition
Enhanced E-book Edition
E-book Edition (Kindle)
Choose this edition of you like to hold a book in your hands.  You can watch the clips from a QR scanner, or keep thePaperback Film Linkstab of this website open and click on the links in order there. 

Click HERE to get yours on the Amazon store.

If you want a signed copy by Patty Sadallah scroll below to the QR Code Enhanced Edition choice in the store. 

Choose this edition if you want the full experience of the enhanced e-book.  You will be able to watch the films streaming inside the book small or full screen.   You will also have the ability to journal your life application notes and save notes on any page of the book.   

Scroll below to get the Enhanced E-Book Edition.
Choose this edition if you prefer to read your books on a kindle, ipad, iphone or other tablet device.  The film clips are hyperlinked in this more basic version of the book.  Click on the links to each film in the book, simply click done and you will be sent back to the book.  

Get the Kindle Edition by searching the book title in your Kindle store, or by Clicking HERE to go to the Amazon Store. 

Enhanced Ebook cover of Clips that Move Mountains.. smallest size.

Enhanced E-book Edition

Cover of the QR Code Enhanced Paperback Edition of Clips that Move Mountains.

 QR Code Enhanced Edition
Signed by the Author

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For orders more than 25 it is better for you to contact Jason Fletcher at Xulon Press 855-234-2487.  
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