Paperback Film Links
Don't have a smart phone or scanner?  No problem.  Visit this page as you read 
and click these links to watch the films.   If you are having trouble with any of the links in your Enhanced E-book version, these links will work for you too!  Ignore page numbers but look for the Clip Reference and click to watch.  

Page and Clip Reference
Site Address
 Cover- Book Trailer
 27-Pray for Rain
 29- Strangers
 43- Prophetic Proof
 49-You Need Him
 55- The Bridge
 65- I AM
 68- Pray for Shrimp
 72- Skinny on Prayer
 91- Unconditional 1
 92-Unconditional 2
 94- October Baby
 96- Undaunted
 114-King's Faith 1
 115- King's Faith 2
 118- Seklas Seeds
 123- God Speaks
 134- Work is Worship
 140- Prepare Your Fields
 143- The Potter and His Clay
 165- Legacy
 171- Plant the Seed
 174- Do Something
 176- Shine Your Light

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