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Patty Sadallah can be called upon to present on any of these retreat or presentation options featured in the Clips that Move Mountains Book and Journey to the Abundant Christian Life Bible Study.   Church groups, Bible Study Groups and  Christian Organizations can call Patty at 877-733-7471 to request a information.  Programs can be tailored to meet your audience needs.    Just like the book, every presentation would include small film clips from the book or others to help illustrate the points of the message. 

1 Day Retreat Option: Experience a lesson from each chapter of the Clips that Move Mountains book.  Travel around the Territory of Impact Model with this interactive and thought provoking one day experience.  Experience God's love, learn how to shine your light in today's culture and tune into God's voice to get clearer about how He created you for His perfect plans.  Leave this one day retreat closer to God and clearer about who you are as a child of the Living God.  To request information about this option click HERE.

3 Day Retreat Option:Experience the entire 11 week Journey to the Abundant Christian Life Bible study that covers the whole Clips that Move Mountains book in three days.  This experience truly reinforces the messages in the book with additional media, personal life application exercises and "how to" practical tools to help you grow your intimate relationship with God, increase your faith, stay on God's road and get a glimpse of God's future plans for you.  You will leave the three day experience more in love with the Lord and more fired up to make an impact for the kingdom.  Attendees may choose to experience the 3 day retreat with the Facilitator's Guide option which qualifies them to teach the 11 week Journey to the Abundant Christian Life Bible Study in their own home or church.  To request information about this option click HERE.

11 Week Journey to the Abundant Christian Life Bible Study:  For those groups in the Northeast Ohio area who would like Patty to facilitate the 11 week Journey to the Abundant Christian Life Bible study in their churches or homes, please contact Patty HERE.  Any participant in the 11 week study may also request the Facilitator's Guide option so they may be qualified to facilitate the program in their homes and churches. 

Strategic Planning or Mission and Visioning Retreats:  Church groups or faith-based nonprofits that desire to make sure they are planning according to God's purpose and plan for them can call on Patty to facilitate strategic planning or mission and visioning retreats.  Patty brings more than 30 years experience in this area and loves to help organizations and churches plan according to Biblical principles and keep God at the head of their service planning.  Contact Patty HERE for more information.  

Presentation Topics:  Topics can be presented as short as 20 minutes and as long as an hour.    Click HERE to request information about any of these topics.  

  • Your Territory of Christian Impact- Learn how to live the abundant Christian life in this Summary program of the Territory of Christian Impact model that the entire Clips that Move Mountains book was written about.  We will discuss the elements and relationships both here on earth and the implications in heaven as you expand your territory beginning Center- choosing Jesus; North-growing your relationship with Christ; West- overcoming life's challenges and finding forgiveness; South- leveraging life's circumstances to share your faith and light; East-  using your gifts to advance the Kingdom and finally back to  Center- your abundant Christian life and your heavenly rewards.

  • Lessons from the Journey-  God is more interested in our journey's more than our destinations.  Patty will share the lessons learned in the course of writing the Clips that Move Mountains book about listening to God, how He leads, and walking out your assignment one day at a time so you can be and do more than you ever imagined for God.  

  • Love, Miracles and Impact-  God loves you more than you can fathom.  Get a glimpse of what God is thinking and feeling about you right now and let it propel you a deeper relationship with Him.  All believers have the ability through the Holy Spirit to pray for and experience miracles as are promised in the Bible.  We'll learn what the connection is between God's love, miracles and your impact on earth as it is in heaven.

  • The Power of an Accurate Identity- Most Christians have a limited view of God and an elevated view of themselves. Without realizing it, we can live well below the perfect plans that God has for us.  Who is the Great I AM and Who are YOU when you become adopted into His family?  Learn how those truths can change everything about what you can do and who you can become in this life and the implications of that reality in the afterlife. 

  • Developing Slingshot Faith: Overcoming life's challenges and finding forgiveness-   Life's tough.  That's a promise.  It's what you do with those challenges that counts. The farther you pull back a slingshot, the farther it can throw a stone.  The same is true with your life challenges.  You are more helpful healed that you would have been healthy or unchallenged.  Learn how to put your challenges into a perspective and find freedom and forgiveness so you can help others who need to be free from similar challenges.  

  • Be the Moon: How to reflect God's love in today's culture- Hypocrisy in the body of Christ is one of the biggest turn offs to the faith.  Learn how to shine the light and love of Jesus in a natural and loving way so that more people will find Him accessible and attractive.  

  • The Transformational Nature of Truth-  There are four ways we can leverage our life circumstances to share the light and faith of Jesus Christ in our present day culture:  Know the truth, have courage to tell the truth, lead people to the truth and live out the truth.  We will explore them all and see how God works to transform hearts and change lives through the power of His Truth.

  • Embracing your Calling-Hearing God's voice, finding and staying on God's road for your life- God is speaking to each one of us personally all the time.  We'll discuss the three types of gifts given by the Holy Spirit and work through how to find your unique gifts.  We will also learn how to tune into God's voice so that you can walk with him with more confidence and find the direction you need to stay on the road to the abundant Christian life that He has planned uniquely for you. 

  • Your Ideal Future Vision- This prayerful experience helps you SEE a glimpse of the future God has for you.  This program is great for anyone wanting to find their calling, or for Christian groups or churches that want to make sure they are planning according to God's will for them.  

Click HERE to request more information about any of these presentations or retreat options.  

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