Try before you Buy

The Enhanced E-book is the coolest way to Experience Clips that Move Mountains!   This will only work however on a PC or a newer Mac computer.  So, it's important that you try it free before you buy it to make sure you can effectively download a working dnl reader before buying this book.   

First  download the dnlreader by clicking here:

If you can't make the e-book work with these links, 
please don't buy the Enhanced E-book Edition. You can also get a Kindle version, see the Buy Books tab for your choices.

After you get the reader, you can download the e-book here.  You will be able to read until the end of the Introduction chapter before being prompted to buy. 
Click on the book cover to get your "try before you buy" Clips that Move Mountains Enhanced E-book Edition. 

Cover of the Enhanced E-book version of the Clips that Move Mountains book.  DNL reader needed.

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