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God's GPS

Do you ever feel like you need a God GPS?  You just want Him to tell you which way to go?  God offers this kind of direction if you pay attention.  Let's look at Isaiah 30:21 today.  We will break it down and then practice praying the scripture back to God. 

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way, walk in it."  Isaiah 30:21

Right away we notice that we can turn to the left or the right, yet   there is ONE correct way to go.  God’s way.  God's way is THE WAY.  God has the way that is right for us and if we consult Him we will learn the right way.  

But, even if we go the wrong way, God will keep recalculating us to the right way if we listen to him; just like your car’s GPS system will if you don’t listen to your turn by turn instructions.  When you miss the instructions on your car's GPS, the redirection will always cost you something such as more time, or inconvenience, or frustration.   You will eventually get to where you are going, but, it will take much longer if we try to figure it out without the map (God’s Word) and without God’s voice directing us.  

There are lots of ways that God speaks to us.  This verse refers to a voice in our ears.  The Quiet Still Voice is the Voice of the Holy Spirit, your constant guide, comforter and friend that lives in the heart of every believer.  The voice in your ear that says this is the way, walk in it.    This is a voice that is your head that you KNOW is not your own thoughts.  

By way of example, one day I was mad at God for leading me to a totally unqualified doctor for my Lyme’s disease.  I had asked God to make sure my primary doctor would recommend the specialist that God wanted me to see.   The specialist referred doctor knew nothing about my condition and was condescending and rude.  He even told me that Lyme’s disease was a myth and that my tick bite history, expensive diagnosis and list of symptoms were all in my head.  

I left the office so angry and was venting to God asking Him Why He would  send me to the most ridiculous and unqualified doctor in the entire area… when I heard a LOUD voice in my spirit that said; "I AM THE GREAT PHYSICIAN"!   My complaining mouth was shut instantly and I KNEW that God was planning to heal me miraculously.   AND, of course, HE DID!  That whole amazing story is in my Clips that Move Mountains book.

Sometimes God’s voice is not so obvious.  The way to be sure that you are hearing God’s voice and not just your own thoughts is to test the words against scripture.  Does this message line up with the character and Word of God or is it contradictory?   You can pray to hear Him more clearly and He will gladly answer that prayer as the Word of God instructs us to ask for wisdom and guidance from the Lord in all circumstances.  

Next let’s look at the word WALK.  To walk means to GET UP and GO.  To move forward.    It is an action word.  Sometimes God makes his direction clear but we are still afraid to walk it out.  You may KNOW what God wants you to do, but like Jonah, you run the other way.  Know this; GOD'S WAY for you is the safest, best direction for you because it is smack in the middle of God’s will for your life.  

So. even if it’s scary, Get Up and WALK in that direction.  I knew for 6 months that God wanted me to leave a job and go into private consulting practice.  But, I was afraid.    I had a cushy job and I was very content in it.  I finally listened because the messages were so clear and so compelling I was restless and uncomfortable if I didn't go God’s way.  He blessed the eventual obedience and HE will with you as well.   So, WALK in the Way that God leads.  Walking is taking 1 step at a time.  Putting one foot in front of the other.   Try not to get overwhelmed by the entire journey, just focus on one step, one day at a time.  

Let’s practice praying this scripture…  Heavenly Father, Thank you that you bend down and whisper in my ears which way you want me to go.    And that you gently redirect me when I go the wrong way.   Lord thank you that your one way is the best way for me and I earnestly seek to hear your voice and follow you on that path.  Your will for me  is perfect, and your way is THE way for me.   Give me the courage to walk in the direction that you call me one step and one day at a time.  Thank you for being my Shepherd Lord.    In Jesus Name, AMEN.

Now you try praying this scripture for your own circumstance.  Just take the scripture and rephrase it for your own need.  God will meet you there!

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